Third party-

by Harry

Submitted by Meg eliza

Another slam poem about love right,
But the thing ill never understand is the way that your hand;
Can fit so perfectly into another’s.
that happiness is monumental but so momentary.
I don’t know maybe it’s just me or my inability to see the cracks and creases in the broken pieces of your smile.

The remember how your hair smelled as it caught the breeze, and your hands reaching to grasp the falling leaves.
Was love supposed to be beautiful?
Because I fell faster then the leaves, and all you did was leave.
Your words broke skin and where I felt myself bleed I was to afraid to
Because bandaging that wound meant I would loose the only remaining parts of you.
Reopening that scab just to feel home again, so I wouldn’t feel alone again.
So I’ll bleed and I’ll heal and I’ll hurt and ill feel.
But you can only bleed so much.
Giving every drop just to feel closer to life.
It doesn’t make sense does it, coating my butterflies with bourbon and YouTube lullabies.
Loneliness began to feel like a person, and they became my best friend.

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