Mountain of Apprehension

by Nick Anthony

A somber fear grows deep down
That, ere I near the mountain crown,
Silent tears will slip off eyelash cliffs
And tumble down the deep abyss,
As flames lick and lame my knee
Forcing me to falter and flee
To hours of painful descent in defeat,
Beaten by gravity, compelled to retreat.
Gritting my teeth, head bowed in shame,
Drooped with the burden of bearing the blame.

Already I’m heavy: weighted by thought.
My mind is twisted, listless, and wrought
With worry, enough to fill the 70 liter pack
Pulling me down and urging me fall back.

Having neither courage nor strength to stand
Among those titans who rose above their foes
And fearlessly fought against adversity’s wrath
To emerge atop their own mountain path
And sit upon the pedestal for the exceptional of society
Forever taunting the negligible fools like me.

Mountains and hiking are a major source of joy and contentment in my life. Struggling with a knee injury for the last year has been a true test. Never knowing if an excursion will end abruptly in pain and disappointment constantly weighs on me as I set out, and throughout each hike I am ceaselessly stepping in fear of fearing that ominous twang of pain. Luckily, my last trip was a success! I am hoping the injury is abating and I can get back to hiking with vigor and confidence.

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One Comment to “Mountain of Apprehension”

  1. No fear, but one rule: No workout, no excursion is allowed to end in injury. No fear, but listen attentively to what the body is telling you. #AdviceUnsolicited

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