by thereluctantpoet

By Charles Robert Lindholm

I Never Knew
That I Was
Tickling The Wire
But It Seems I Did

Having Found
Condemning Evidence
I Wanted To Obtain
A Confession

So I Lied
And Planted
A Concocted Story
In Her Head

Hoping I Might
Arrive At The
Truth About
The Evidence

She Talked
In Her Sleep
So I Said I Heard
Her Talking
To Someone
Who Didn’t
Have My Name

Sitting Across
The Room From Me
She Sat In Silence
For An Extended
Before She Finally

She Said
“I Want A Divorce”
In A Soft Whisper
And With A Solemn
Look Upon Her Face

In That Moment
My Life And Mind

A Denial Of There
Being No One Else
Was Offered
But Not Really
Believed By Me

I Lived In Shock
For Two Weeks
Before An Admission
Was Finally Offered

And Set Me On A
Two Year Process
Of Healing
That Made Me
Finally See
And Accept
That The Universe
Had A Better Plan
For Me

Tickling The Wire
Is A Process To Obtain
Incriminating Information
From Someone

The Results
You Find
Are Not
Always What
You Want To Know
Or Fun To Hear

Truth Is Not
Painless To Hear
But It Does
Set You Free!!!

Copyright 2018 Charles Robert Lindholm – All Rights Reserved
Letting Go And Accepting The Truth Is Not Easy But It Will Set
You Free And Lead To A Better Life If You Will Allow It To Happen!!
Thanks for letting me share this from long ago and far away!

The tactic of “tickling the wire,” means having wiretaps in place and then placing stories in the media and then waiting for revealing conversations.


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