‘The World is My Canvas’

by Harry

Submitted by Priyanjali Gupta


I open my eyes
With a purpose in my mind,
Life on it’s curvy path
It’s actually quite one-of-a- kind.
The lofty mountains,
The oceans so wide.
Browns and blues,
A palette so myriad.

I am determined to avoid the greys,
Not just in the hair
But in every whichever way.
I am intrigued by the yellow in the buzzing bee,
The green in the eyes of the boy who just picked up a tip over his regular fee.
I noticed the pink blush on the new bride’s cheeks,
I like the reds in the Valentine weeks.
I love the silver in my grandpa’s mane,
Narrating stories down the memory lane.
The world is my canvas,
And I am the artist.
I can let flowers bloom,
Or show it my fist.
It’s upto me,
What colors I choose-
That’ll seal my fate,
On whether I win or lose.
My paintings will tell me
Whether I am a sinner or a saint,
Let me show love in all that I paint.
I intend to do just that
I really thought for awhile,
I will only be collecting smiles.
Making little joys my keepsake,
Till the time my eyes are awake.

3 Comments to “‘The World is My Canvas’”

    • Thank you Jem. There’s just so much of negativity around. I get deeply disturbed seeing the pettiness in people. I thought since I can’t go change people, let me atleast try to see the world with tinted glasses on, it will look beautiful even if it’s just for a while!😊

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