Our Goodbye

by Harry

Submitted by JPhantom


I’m sitting across from a person who knows everything about me, but they feel like such a stranger
And we’re just looking into each other’s eyes, for they tell our story more than words could muster
A story that has succumb to the winds of a cold world, as frost it bites and gnaws at our weary souls

We can’t remember those heart-warming memories (was there ever a time that we were truly whole?)
I reach out a hand, for it feels like the right thing to do, but you shake your head and turn your eyes, and I catch a glimpse of hurt and fear
And I’m not surprised. My hand trembles as I pull it away, and I want to reassure you that we can make this work, but what comes out is a tear
I quickly wipe it off, give a thin smile as if to say that things are fine, but isn’t that the reason why we are so distant?
Hiding troubled lives and claiming that we were happy, isn’t it just another example of our perspective being inconsistent?
For we don’t resemble those two teenagers who spent long evenings sharing their hearts in a muggy basement
They were inseparable, not individuals but rather everything good in the world, but now there’s only resentment
And the reason we’re so scared to say goodbye is because of those nights of childhood, we’ve given so much of ourselves to each other
That the mere thought of facing the world without the other by our side is intolerable, even if the presence of our love exists no longer
We sit there silently for a little while, neither of us having the strength to end something that has been such a crucial part of our lives
I guess we’re just afraid of the unknown, afraid that this may be a mistake; life has its hills and valleys, so maybe this is a moment it dives
But we both know that’s not true, and we’ve known it for quite awhile now, and with that thought I rise from my seat
You look up at me in shock, your glossy eyes at mine, knowing that I had essentially raised my white flag in defeat
Fear paralyzes me, and before I can speak my eyes are downcast again, and I slowly make my way out the door, resisting the urge to cry
The words will come later, and then it’ll be made official, but it was in this moment that we truly said our goodbye

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