I awake to waves

by Harry

Submitted by thaharbor


I awake to waves colliding into bleached sands as they sizzle across the seemingly-endless coastline

Waves that are a deep blue, yet also transparent; waters that appear to be pure, but are found to be brine

Its spray weaves within the wind, a mist that grazes over the beach and onto the tops of my exposed feet

Cooling them off as the sun watches overhead, massaging me in delicate sun rays with just enough heat

I take in a breath of the surrounding tropical air, sweetness that rejuvenates and leaves me in complete satisfaction

And I listen to the distant roars of the sea, a bit of recklessness found within paradise, yet never enough to deter from its attraction

A few moments pass, and the sky dims and swells into oranges and violets that streak across its glorious canvas

The wind lightly whistles between the needles of palm trees as I pause to remember every detail of this picture soon to vanish

For I’ll soon awake yet again, but to the sting of morning light, to the life decorated with responsibilities and recycled routines

And there will be a brief moment to lament the loss of something so serene, but it’s always something previously foreseen

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