To busy to think

by Harry

Submitted by Kevin Hanbury
To busy to think
To busy to blink
To busy to like the next Facebook link.

To busy to see the beggar in the seat
To busy to see the big issue seller in front of there feet.
You don’t even see the woman given out free treats .

You push you shove
You dodge you weave
You go tube to tube
No time to stop . Even to breath
Is this the life you were conceived to do
Or is it life just absorbing you .

Sorry I didn’t take your politics in view when you push passed me in the escalator cue.

I’m not the man who makes your coffee
Or am I the person who checks your tickets as you get on the train
Am I the officer on the street who sees you pass every day .
Am I the one protesting for world peace you avoid on your way.

Have to get to that departure gate no time to worry about the strain on thee .
Meetings to get to if you want to climb that business tree.
Do you ever stop to think
I need time for me.

The departure board flashes 15 min delayed You are one of many who look to there phone and shout
Siri inform my meeting I’m going to be late.

Am I still hitting the same. Level .
Or is it a change


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