The Letters I Wrote

by Alanna


The letters I wrote

were long-winded affairs

often written over a span

of several days


The letters I wrote

Documented the life of a young woman

Creating her own story

Capturing her memories through

Eyes of naivety and wonder


The letters I wrote

Were on the front and back of yellow lined paper

Filled with sentences of artistically formed print/script

Awkwardly folded to fit into small white envelopes


The letters I wrote

Taught me to express myself

Painting my world with just the right prose

So my adventures and emotions

Could be projected into the minds of others


The letters I wrote were personal

A living memoir cast into mailboxes with stamps

Later to be read, perhaps discarded

Or tucked away in old shoeboxes in dusty attics

Inviting the recipient to write a letter back to me


The letters I wrote

Helped me make sense of my life

Recording my hopes and fears

Anchoring them with words on paper

I needed them, and still do

But no one writes letters anymore


photos courtesy Pixabay

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2 Comments to “The Letters I Wrote”

  1. I still write letters but mostly to my generation and older. I think more people apreciate the heart to hand communication more than we realise.

  2. Chrissy- Nice to hear you still write them. It’s sad that the younger generation, (in general), will never experience the satisfaction of writing and receiving letters.

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