Gray Sky Morning

by mkvecchitto


On a gray sky morning
the wind calls
as if to mimic gods
hidden behind heavy clouds

Honey drips
overflowing from hives
I watch as it pools
on the ground beneath

the bees are too busy
burying their queen
to notice

Far across the bay
a seagull dives and
for a moment disappears
beneath the surface

My eyes follow a fish as it struggles
while the bird carries it high
above the waters below
carrying it to places unknown

the predator is impervious
to the fight for freedom
at its feet

And when the sun finally
breaks through as it always does
I embrace the world on a journey
to be crystal clear once again

photo: mine
prompts: #lokheejune18, #wordpromptwednesday, #StarWrites

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One Comment to “Gray Sky Morning”

  1. It’s always fun to observe the natural world around us, not many people do, but it’s an important reminder that we’re not the only ones living on this planet, which many of us seem to forget

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