This New Kind of Feeling

by Harry

Submitted by Priyanjali Gupta


Never knew feelings could be this strong,
Never knew emotions that could pick me up, throw me around and blow me out.
Never knew this little inner voice,
Could make me murmur or make me shout.
Never knew love to have such force,
Never knew my senses could awaken this way.

Never knew the thought could kill,
Not to be able to see you just for a day.
Never knew my heart could be consumed this way.
Never knew something to have such a profound effect on me,
Never knew something that could bind me like this yet set me free.
Never felt so ferociously strong yet so vulnerable,
Never knew just by taking your name my heart would swell.
Never knew any of it till you were born,
Thank you for coming into my arms and my world,
You are my ‘pride’, you are my ‘hope’, you are my bright, golden ‘dawn’.
I love you my son!

3 Comments to “This New Kind of Feeling”

  1. Such a beautiful ode to the one we love

    • Thank you Megha. I am just feeling deeply humbled that people who don’t know me personally are still going through the effort of reading my work and connecting with it. I understand why you like it just by looking at your beautiful picture with your own bundle of joy! Thank you!

  2. Thanks Priyanjali.It was a pleasure reading your poem.

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