They Step On It.

by Harry

Submitted by Dawn Morris

They ruin what’s inside me all the time.
My jealousies return like demons that live in my house…hiding.
I put my trust in someone, but they step on it, every time. Every time.
They have such callous hearts.

Your eyes are what pulled me in.
I felt like I had known you since the dawn of time.
But you were not mine.
And even though your words were beautiful…
She was your comfort zone, and so…
You stepped on it.

Then he came along with his words of prose
Every line was perfect-a symphony…a rose
And tales to tell that kept me in awe….
And he was not mine-he belonged to everyone.
They all heard the same beautiful words.
And he stepped on it. He stepped on many.

You returned to me…
Well, I thought you did. You missed the attention you got from a lonely heart.
A girl treated like a queen, but never touched…longing for kisses in the dark.
Your words-again like art! They filled my dreams and in my sleep I was in your arms.
But her fingers, like tree branches…cold, and clutching dark things in the wind
Pulled you back to your reality and you stepped on it. Again.

Another came along, and spotted this green eyed lonely girl.
(They’re all so superficial-so temporary.)
His eyes were everywhere-feeling the need to appreciate them all.
With a wife at home, and a broken soul. He spoke of love and romance…
But after what? His own fall. He was lonely, and ruined and overcompensated
So he stepped on it.

I have a love of my own. He treats me like a Queen.
But he does not kiss me. He does not touch me.
And my loneliness burns on inside me-my demons are the ones I turn to.
You all have made me so suspicious, and almost ugly inside
Because you all have stepped on my trust.
So I will remain untouched.
Why is life so lonely and so long?

~Dawn Morris

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