by Megha's World

“Take it from glass,
take it from goblet,
else take it from my eyes,
the intoxication, you will never come out from”
― Mirza Sharafat Hussain Beigh



to the perfection

savored for all the





only to be paired with

the best

life has to offer

to be complemented with the

world’s finest

a lifetime honor

Saved for best of the best

and to be lingered on

till it reaches its saturation

a reflection of the golden period

carried over the longest time

To satiate my soul

and the salivating tongue

to call you mine

as I hold gently

the sleek frame of yours


pour your essence into mine

it quenches my thirst and

my parched soul

breaking the illusion

called time.


I blog at Megha’s World

Photo by Marco Mornati on Unsplash

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