by thereluctantpoet

By Charles Robert Lindholm

The Age Old Problem
Of Suicide
Remains Unsolved

How Can You Help
Or Stop
From Choosing
A Permanent Solution
To A Temporary Problem

How Can You Keep
Someone You Know
Or Someone You Love
From Choosing

This Is Not An Issue
You Know About
Or Care About
Because It Hasn’t
Touched Your Life
Other Than To Watch
The News About
A Celebrity
Who Chose
To End Their Life

The Truth Is
Preventing Suicide
Is Not An Issue
That “We The People”
Care Enough About

We Don’t Care Enough
About Suicides
To Want To Stop Them

We Don’t Want To Spend
The Money Or Change
The Laws To Take Away
The “Freedom” Of Someone
Who, At That Moment,
Wants To End Their Life

“These People”
Are Not A Threat To Us
They Are Not Someone
We Love Or Care About

We Don’t Have To Suffer
In The Darkness And Pain
That They Live In, And With,
All Day, Everyday

“The Will Of The People”
Does Not Support
Spending The Money Needed
To Save Them
Or Removing Their Freedom
To End Their Life

At The Heart Of The Matter
Is An Ugly Truth About “Us”
That We Keep Hidden
And Out Of Sight
Of Our Consciousness

“We” Do Not Have Love
And Compassion For Others
In The Way “We” Think
“We” Do

“We” Are Not The Loving
Christians Or Believers
“We” Claim To Be

“We” Are Not The
Good Samaritan
Or One Who Wants
To Help – “One Of The
Least Of These, My Brethern”

The Love Of Money
Is The Root Of All Evil
And It Seems That In America
This  “Love Affair”
Means More Than The Lives
Of Those Who Are Lost
Each Day To The
“Sickness” Of Suicide

“No New Taxes”
Is More Important
Than Those Who Want
To End Their Life
By Their Own Hand

“Let Them Die”
Is The Cry
Of Those Who
Love Their Money
More Than The Life
Of Another

The Desire To Commit
Suicide Is A Sickness
That Can Be Healed
If There Is A Will
To Do It By “We The People”

It Will Take Money
And A Change In The
So Called, “Freedom”
To End One’s Life
To Save Those
Who Are Afflicted
With A Mental Illness
That Calls Out To Them
To End Their Life

I Hope It Never Happens
To Anyone You Know
Or You Love

But It Is Happening
Everyday, All Day
To The Loved Ones
Of Others

It Has Happened
To The Loved Ones

Of Others,
Like Me

Don’t Let
The “Love Of Money”
Or The Cry
Of “Let Them Die”
Be The Reason Why
“We The People”
Won’t Try
And Save
The Precious Lives
Of The Mentally Ill

We Claim To Hold
Every Life Scared
And Fight For
Life As A Precious Gift
Even Those Unborn

Isn’t It Time
For “We The People”
To Save
The Lives
Of Those Born
And Living
From Suicide?

Copyright © 2018 Charles Robert Lindholm – All Righs Reserved

In Memory Of My Brother – Raymond Weldon Lindholm – And All The
Other Loved Ones Of Everyone In The World Who Are/ Or Have Been, Needlessly Lost To The Preventable, Mental Illness Of Suicide!!

It Has Taken Me 42 Years Before Being Able To Speak About This.

Shall “We The People” Not Ask For Forgivenss For Not Loving Our
Neighbor More Than Our Money?  Can’t We End Suicide?  If We Would But Chose Too!  If We Would Just Care Enough!

The Reluctant Poet
6.9.2018 @ 6:00 a.m


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