by thereluctantpoet

By Charles Robert Lindholm

I Listen To The Clock
On The Wall

Back And Forth
And Sure
In The Silence
Of The Night
Like The Heartbeat
Of Life

The Seconds
Pass Swiftly
As If They Could Fly
While The Hours
Trudge Slowly
As They Too
Go By

And So The Day
Begins And Ends
With The Sound
Of My Clock On The Wall
Tick,  Tocking

With A Sound
Hard To Hear
As It Beats
To And Fro
In The Silence
When It
To Beat Slow

The Heart Beat Of Life
A Pendulum Swing
Gently Rocking
My Soul To Sleep

As The Darkness
Makes Today Disappear
The Sunrise Makes
A Someday Appear
From Out Of The Future

Time Flies By
With A Tick And A Tock
The Heart Beat Of Life
I Hear From The Clock

As Calendar Pages
Turn Faster Each Year
My Somedays Dwindle
And The Truth Is Clear

Time Flies

Copyright  © 2018 Charles Robert Lindholm – All Rights Reserved

Inspirational Credit To:
Five Minute Friday – FMF Linkup – Fly
Alanna Pass’ – Someday And The Power Of Now  – on


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