Polar Bears

by Nick Anthony

Can you still remember
That night in early September,
At the “3 cigs” pledge party,
On their decrepit couch?

How I drunkenly stumbled
Across the floor, and mumbled
An inebriated ice-breaker
About a polar bear?

You smirked, deciding to play,
And gamely asked how much they weigh.
But unprepared for such success,
I forgot the punch line.

I took a shameful swig of beer,
And waited for the familiar sneer
To send me, head hung and defeated,
Back to my social-leper friends.

But you didn’t laugh or turn away,
And I fell in love with you that day.
And since then, I’ve never pinched myself
For fear of waking up.

Thank you for reading! This poem is the result of preliminary planning for a (love?) story I’m writing. I hope you enjoyed it.

As always, please like and comment with critique.

You can read more by Nick at Rafiki’s Nikki or check out this other works of a similar topic: Black Top Scrambled Eggs and Castle by the Sea


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