“I Wish”

by Harry

Submitted by Priyanjali Gupta


All I ever wished for was a little wish to be happy. But now I wish that I might have well wished for another wish.
Because over the growing up years, through the childhood, the adolescent and the youth, the meaning of happiness has changed so many hands that I have lost count.
In the crowd of bitter sweet memories, when I peep through, I see that that simple wish made by a naive little girl of finding happiness never came quite true.
Maybe happiness is overrated or maybe it is like that forbidden fruit for some, but whatever may it be, in this part of my world, never saw it come.

I am not saying I never felt joy, that would be so wrong to say. Of course I did have my share of sunny days.
Of course I breathed, I sang, and danced in the rain too. Even felt love which in my place was quite a commendable virtue. But when I think long and when I think hard, I can only see it happening in miniscule fragments or me trying to latch on it with all my heart.
Now I think I am done asking, now I wish the wheels to turn, the wheel of day and night. Either to turn it away from me so that I can get into a slumber and never wake up or give me my share of the morning rays so that I can bask in it’s light and feel the urge to feel alright.
I want to start afresh, want my three wishes back. I wish for nothing else but happiness, some morphine to lessen the pain.
I wish for a wish fulfilment that this time around happiness should just not be in a fleeting hurry, only this time it had time in it’s hands and that it came to stay. How I again wish for a little wish to be happy…


2 Comments to ““I Wish””

  1. Nice phrase: “want my three wishes back”

    • Thank you Frank!
      I lost my dad as a little girl. I guess that keeps coming back into my writing somehow.
      I am glad you liked it. Feeling humbled and honored. It does feel really special to know that people do care!

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