Business Trip

by Nick Anthony

The full moon rises,
Glistening like a fresh silver dollar
As Mother Earth lets off steam
And unbuttons her stifling collar
To feel the breeze of the Sun’s departure.

Eagerly I wait at the window
For my moon to come home,
So I can feel the breeze of his sigh
As he sits on his leathery black throne
And watches me with contentment from on high.

Shimmering like a mirage
As he coolly enters in the heat
I can hardly believe he’s really back.
For even though in my heart I know
He’s never really gone for good,
Each day of waiting is longer than forever
For a boy, left to wander alone
And unable to see under a blinding Sun.

And though I know the moon is tired
From his many journeys
That take him around the world
To toil with distant tides,
I hold his attention as long as I can
And regale him with my many stories,
And show him the new things I’ve learned,
And implore him to play games with me
throughout his reign of night.

For I also know he will soon slip
Below my world and out of sight.
And though I know it’s all for me:
All alone again, I’ll be
Waiting at the window for night.

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