A washed up image of your former self

by Harry

Submitted by Danielle Tompkins


A washed up image of your former self

Is that what you think you are, my dear?

Has all the pain of life stripped you of

Anticipation and sensation, desire and cheer?

All that remains, but a shadow of what once was

Leaving behind deep despair, bitterness, and fear?

I believe love is worth the torture you reason it brings

There’s an inescapable atmosphere that draws us near

When I’m around you, my cheeks glow, and my heart sings

That precious, powerful, palpation is earnest and sincere

With the capacity to drown out the sorrows of a lifetime

Recompense a river with a billion of heartbreak’s tears

I will consciously choose each instant, to never lose it

To grasp it forcefully, hold on tightly through all the years

Relish in every second that a life together brings

Travel to new lands, journey to remarkable frontiers

In your fading breath, as you lay recollecting

I will kiss your lips, capture your love before it disappears

Constantly re-experience your being in reminiscence of you

See your smile brightly shining, your eyes twinkling spheres

Evoking every quality- your logic, your intensity, your laughter

Your clever wit, your quirkiness, your personality endlessly endears

When I escape the physical world, you and I will joyously reunite

Lest cruel fate or Divinity’s tenacity interferes

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