Castle by the Sea

by Nick Anthony

The sun was shining on the bay that day,
And in its radiance I thought I saw the way
To my salvation from this, damn lonely, place.
“Liberation” was written on your face.

You left the beach before I learned your name,
And the memory of your face began to fade
Until that day I found you in the Kyoto snow.
When you gave me your hand, I knew I’d never let go.

You and me,
In our castle by the sea,
Away from the world,
Where we can be free.
Raise up the bridge
Against the tide of reality–
The water is slowly rising.

I am you,
And you are free
To conquer my world
And rule over me.
Send me to the front
Against the horde of inner enemies–
Armed with you love I will not fall.

It’s been years since the beach,
But my world’s a little brighter (thanks to you).
I’m no longer afraid of the dark.
It’s been years since that night in the snow;
When you gave me you hand,
I fear if you ever let go!
For I know you’d be fine,
But it’d be the end of me.

These are the lyrics to a song of mine. I’m not quite sure how they will come across as I find it impossible to read this without singing the tune and rhythm in my head. Any suggestions to make it more palatable for those unfamiliar with the song would be appreciated! Thanks as always.



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