Puffy Fluffy & Me

by Colly

clip-art photo

brown hamster



Meet Puffy Fluffy my teddy bear hamster.

He is round and brown.

He has two tiny, black eyes.

And four tiny, pink feet.



Puffy Fluffy likes treats.

He eats small, orange carrots.

Puffy Fluffy is loving.

He says “thank you,”

by licking my skin with his triangle tongue.



Sometimes Puffy Fluffy rests in my hand’s.

But not for very long.

As he likes to scurry, run and play through the

long, round, tubes found in his cage.



Puffy Fluffy plays in his round, hamster wheel too.

From inside, he runs as the wheel turns and spins.

A-round and A-round it goes.

He never seems to tire of playing in his wheel.



But he also likes to play, outside, in his hamster ball.

He can roll down the hall.

And travel anywhere in the house.

Safety, from inside his enclosed hamster ball.



Good-bye Good-bye.

Thanks for visiting Puffy Fluffy and me!


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