Do I Get Up

by Renwick Berchild

Do I get up. What will I have for breakfast.
Should I have breakfast at all. Will I take the bus or walk.
Talk to a stranger, perhaps not. How do I look today.
How do I feel today. What is my neighbor feeling today.
What is the scientific name for the maple tree.
What is the dog that is barking barking on about.
How shall I get on working today. How shall I have my tea.
Where shall I go to lunch. Is my friend swimming in the ocean.
Is my lover at Smith Tower. Is the grass sad.
Do I really remember yesterday evening.
Was the light that streamed in through the window that bright.
Was the smell of the pork tenderloin that good.
Will these last minutes eek by or speed.
Who is driving the bus. Where does the person next to me live.
Do they have someone special they are getting home to.
Do they have a favorite song. Do they like jazz.
Will I trip on the sidewalk again.
Will I fall over this time and skin my knee.
Was I this exhausted yesterday after climbing these stairs.
What shall I have for dinner. Will I call a friend.
Will I write that letter I’ve been meaning to write.
Did I water the plant this week. Am I out of pepper.
Am I out of milk. Am I out of candles.
When I am dead will I recall the smell of a lit matchstick.
Will I feel the heat of a flame when I hold my soul too close.
Do I have a soul. Do I still have that book by Alberto Manguel.
How long for a plastic bottle in a wild meadow to decay.
Where is my robe. Where is my other sock.
Is my body really a temple, like they say.
Could my chocolate bar be split evenly 6,456 ways.
Isn’t the chip on my cup the same.
Where is a bookmark. Where is the moon.
When did Janis Joplin realize she wanted to sing.
When did Janis Joplin realize she wanted to get high.
When did Janis Joplin realize she was ascending too high.
Does someone, somewhere out there know when I will go.
Where am I going. How long until I sleep.
Do I want to sleep. Did I get up?


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