by Megha's World


I have read the fairy tales and
stories of love
for time eternal
they are as true as they come
if I could only believe
the prince charming for real

I have recited the verses of love
the sonnets
and the poetic metaphors
when you compared the moon to
to my beauty
to make me feel eternal

I have heard the serenade
looming and traveling
on the ripples of time
passed on as a folklore
a story weaved
so sublime

I have felt the connection
so surreal
it made my hair stand
on the back of my neck
and left a tantalizing
effect on my emotions
leaving them stunned

I have waited
all this time
eternally and patiently
for you to come
and sweep me off my feet

Darling, I have heard
your endless tales of heart
for time eternal
now shut your mouth
and kiss me
to make them real.

I blog at Megha’s World

Picture by Mike Fox on Unsplash

2 Comments to “Proof”

  1. I like the way you ended the poem. Appeared like a lightning in a midnight calm.

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