Memories of your Hug

by cmapillay


There is a silence around
But i am craving to hear that voice
The one that brought peace to me
The one that hasn’t left me with a choice

The truth wants to burst out in open
But the fear holds its ground
My faith shakes from top to bottom
In a land of pretenders where truth is hard to be found

Here comes my fear, Facing my faith on its face
I hold myself up high
I am hoping to win this race

A wish that i could have asked for
Has been granted without an ask
But all those memories i have gathered
Now will have to go behind the mask…


4 Comments to “Memories of your Hug”

  1. Oh wow simply awesome
    You are so natural with your words and flow.
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    Thanking you in advance.
    Regards and love

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