Take A Step

by graypoet


I am never sure where my mind will wander
At times I feel that I am in complete control
Other times it wanders as if it was not mine
Leading me on a journey into a black hole.

There are days I am able to see a clear path
I manage to think only of things close at hand
Keeping work and tasks in my life on track
Like an old statue, I know just where I stand.

Other days my mind seems to take on new life
No matter what I try, feelings get overwhelming
What life could have been and where to go now
It is not easy to foresee what life might yet bring.

I know I always say can be easier to look behind
Seeing all the decisions that make me who I am
Why do I hesitate to take steps to move ahead
Take a chance and keep my eye on a distant star.


2 Comments to “Take A Step”

  1. Loved this one.You have beautifully portrayed days of anxiety and clarity.A juxtaposition of emotions.

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