by graypoet

The mind is a tool that should never stop working
Yet all too often rather than listen and take heed
We choose to ignore the warnings it tries to give
Believing that the heart knows better what we need.

Most know from experience that the heart can betray
It will follow a path because it knows things are true
All the bells and whistles can be sounding in our brain
Blind to signs and hurt that we might have been through.

Following the heart can give us that momentary thrill
Wishing, wanting, desiring things to be as we dream
But more than anyone cares to admit that there are
Too many hide what their intentions while they scheme.

Not that all have hidden agendas or plan to mislead
There must be some out there that seek love I guess
So be careful as you follow your heart, don’t get hurt
Be wary of some, as they might just be too thoughtless.


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