by thereluctantpoet

By Charles Robert Lindholm

There Are Moments
In Our Lives
That Are Meant To Be

The Same Is True
With The People
That Cross Our Path
On Life’s Journey

Meant To Be Friends
Meant To Be Lovers
Meant To Be Soulmates

Precious To Us
In Every Way
And Destined
To Be So

The Sad Part Is
We So Often Forget
And Want To Deny
That Our Meant To Be
Are Not Always
Meant To Be

And Our Meant To Be
Kindred Spirits
And Soulmates
Aren’t Always Meant To Be
Forever, Either

It’s Hard To Hold Onto
A Moment
It’s Hard To Let Go Of
Someone You Loved

And Watch Them
Walk Away On
Their Own Path,
That Leaves You

Meant To Be Moments
And Meant To Be People
Can Capture Our Hearts
And Our Souls
If Only As Briefly
As A Shooting Star
Across A Midnight Sky
Before They Are Gone
But, The Memories
Of Those Meant To Be’s
Will Last A Lifetime

Copyright © 2018 Charles Robert Lindholm – All Rights Reserved

2 Comments to “MEANT TO BE’S”

  1. Lovely. I was reflecting on this very thing recently and thinking of a poem in that direction. I have a friend who says that “Some people are bought into your life for a reason. Some people are brought into your only for a season.”

    • Thank you, Dear Penny! I will anxiously await your piece! I believe that too. Every person and experience is a link to where you have gotten too and who you are. Remove one of them and you end up somewhere different. Not for me.

      I believe you should always try and improve/make happy every person that crosses your path and have them feel that they are better off for having known you.

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