Staking vampires in stairwells

by Harry

Submitted by zaroffpoetry


Speed freak dressed in day two old clothes
torn pull tab pop up book hospital convenience
these hand crank windows speak of blood clot burnouts
cigarette stain apartment key pick up

screw bottom upholstery red spray cans
full of hundred dollar bills
stashed among performed tubular coin wrappers
familiar strangers in old hallways asking about your mothers health

meeting the magic man with cancer cut off his nose
dead cousin Randy’s failed bar owning entrepreneurship’s
grandfather reminiscent
daredevils defying the reaper and gravity

in the barrel wall of Death on Harley Davidson and Indian motorcycles
centrifugal force
do i have Kenevil in my veins
paying mechanics with their same old high school weight

head gasket money
Subaru twin cam
pulled 9 inch block needles out of the side
no chocolate candy store stop

just u turns in the middle of highways
taking sons bodies back to fathers
St. Patrick’s day green will have to wait until next year
meeting up with smiling corridor loud talking nurses

releasing mothers from hospital beds
pages of prescriptions
why not dress to die in all black slacks
forgetting to pay for privilege

lets postpone this conversation until my demise shall we
and so bullfighters spill royal blood
the sandman drags us off into the night
one last sunrise gunfight after morning coffee

i’ve no place comfortable to enjoy a pyramid or Churchill


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