Old habits

by Megha's World
I got too close to you
I was drawn towards you
like a moth to a flame
My fingers were itching to touch
to feel your shiny existence
I got too close to you
close enough to feel the warmth
of your
simmering soul
but then
instead of feeling the cozy
all over my body
I got blisters and
a suppurating skin
a sore heart
a welt soul
I got too close to you
and I got burned
Maybe I should have
listened to my mother
who was always worried about
me playing with fire.
Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash

I blog at Megha’s World

4 Comments to “Old habits”

  1. If you never got close, I bet you would have wondered. You would have created a greater Love and questioned how it would be. Now, you know. The fire was hot and you learned by being scarred.

    Nice expression of emotions and thanks for sharing your soul.

  2. I love the descriptive words here. It gives me the shivers.

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