Aching Hearts

by Harry

Submitted by Andrew Green


There’s an ache at the heart of nations
An urge for better times
An urge to pull up the drawbridge
Safe from the battle lines.

There’s a yearning for someone to fix things
Right everything that’s gone wrong.
But time doesn’t stop for no one.
No one can turn back the time?

The world can’t you see is shrinking?
No good shutting your eyes.
You can slam shut your door if you want to
The problem’s not going to go.

You can’t ignore others’ problems
Or all too soon they’ll be yours.
The stuff you were busy avoiding
Turns up in your own backyard.

Time to be parting our curtains
And taking a peek what’s outside
Are we part of the solution
Or just along for the ride?

One Comment to “Aching Hearts”

  1. Thanks for liking my poem – the link on my name isn’t working unfortunately.

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