Depression – 2

by cmapillay

“Sleep isn’t just a sleep anymore, it’s an escape”

Teary eyes with Muffled cries

Strength lost and Hope dies

Cloudy skies bring gloomy nights

Meaningless love and painful fights

Lifeless body in its bereft soul

Confused mind with aimless goals

Choked heartbeats in a broken heart

Gasping for breath as truth unfolds

Raging fumes of Burnt wishes

Drift in air in direction unknown

No one to wipe the rolling tears

While wounded lies the soul alone

5 Comments to “Depression – 2”

  1. Heartbreaking and beautiful💜

  2. Thanks for sharing, dear friend 🙂

    I think that if depression is there, if a lack of certain messenger substance the brain is lacking then something can be done with medical support, similar like a lack of insulin. If the depression has other reasons then it is good to keep the mind busy with hobbies, starting some sports, activities. First very slowly when there is not enough power drive, then step by step more and more and the escape through sleeping will eventually vanish after some time. Our thoughts give us the directions. When trying to think of good things the colour will be adopted by these thoughts and vise verca: when thinking in a negative way one glides deeper into the mud according to what is said: “As we think so we become…”

    Excellent expressed poem!
    All good wishes

    • You absolutely make sense. One of the blogs I recently read was in the same terms. It basically said, when you feel depressed and dont feel like doing something – let your mind dominate those thoughts and go ahead do that. It will create a difference. Sounds difficult but does sound like something close to solution. Thanks for leaving such a valuable comment for others to read!

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