Fighting Depression

by cmapillay

Painted by me


“Monsters don’t sleep under your bed, they scream inside of your head”

I am drowning in a cascade of thoughts 

It drags me down towards a deceiving tranquility 

Suddenly I feel encompassed by an unknown fear 

And hear a whisper in my ears, “hey, its me – the depression…” 

I can’t make out the voice, it’s so nebulous 

I hate this moment when my fearless mind goes hollow 

I don’t know where i am heading 

But surely like hypnotized, i follow… 

“Are you in pain?” Asked the voice 

Something inside me said “Yes, i am. I don’t have a choice”

It poked again “Are you suffering?”

My fearless mind said “Why should I tell you, what do I gain”

It nudged again “Are you broken”

I nodded my head, with words unspoken

Then it rained on me…

It crawled all over me making its way from my toe to the head 

Rupturing every memory that came its way and left it bled 

My secret sorrows are out, the world knows my fears 

I don’t want to wake up now, i am in dearth of tears 

The mascara of my eyes is all over my face 

Is there anyone who can help me see myself, no – there is no trace… 

The voice is gone far but left me with a feel 

My wounds won’t show anymore because my heart is now sealed.


9 Comments to “Fighting Depression”

  1. Thank You for the kind words Vinayak!

  2. I really don’t have words to appreciate this piece of yours.

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