by cmapillay

Painted by Me


“The worst thing in life is not  to end up alone, but being with people who make you feel alone”

She is scared, She feels shallow,

It feels the depth has vanished

Her inner self feels hollow,

Her emotions were banished

The footstep that follows,

Makes her crave for more

When she turns around to hold,

Disappear and leave her sore

She can’t hear the raging storm

She can’t smell the sweet rain

She can’t hear the howling wind

She only feels the growing pain

The voices sound hoarse

Yes she had screamed and cried

Tried to find the source

To let the pain slide

She heard something, Oh its the silence

The silence so weird, so insane

Now approaching her

She is afraid she will never be back again…


20 Comments to “Depression”

  1. so sad to be alone but at times its unavoidable

  2. I’d appreciate if you could check out my blog?

  3. Loved this..! I know how it feels…
    I’ve been through depression myself and have written a poem on the same..
    It’d mean a lot to me if you could take out some of your time and take a look at my poems and even give your thoughts on them..
    Lots of love and thanks

  4. I love your artwork and your poem accurately depicts the suffering of someone who is lonely. It’s a terrible feeling to have.

  5. Love your work. Really. And I think that’s the worst kind of pain when you are alone even near your closed ones.. however, loved this ❤

  6. You conveyed those feelings beautifully. 🙂 Fantastic!

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