by Megha's World
What goes inside the mind of a mother who sees the snapshot of her unborn baby for the first time. It’s an overwhelming and indescribable feeling. 

I got a snippet, a sneak preview 

a short glance at you

in the snapshot they took

floating away in the warm embrace of my body

sleeping in the deepness of my soul

It was an overwhelming feeling 

of having a soul

entwined in another

and making it grow.


Your existence and presence 

has given me two heartbeats

as it’s overwhelming 

to contain your love with just one alone.


You are a part of my existence 

and soon you will define me too

You take shape inside me and

I shape my life around you.


Growing little fingers and feet

my world is embraced around you

I’m creating a life inside me 

or Are you weaving a universe around me too?


I just can’t fathom that I have the magical 

powers of the mother’s nature inside me.

That I have been blessed by the creator’s touch

My whole world  has been overjoyed

since I saw that snippet.

Photo by Daiga Ellaby on Unsplash


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    Come read Megha’s poem “Snippet” and feel the magic of being Mom.

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