I’m Not Running Anymore

by Harry

Submitted by  Colin


The wind howled through the trees,
making the branches creak and groan,
the moon is fighting to shine through the clouds,
but it’s a losing battle,
There is no light to shine my path,
Running from the past,
Moving towards the future,
But I can’t outrun my past,
It follows no matter where the path takes me.

The woods get darker as I keep running,
The darkness gets murkier seeping into my very being,
The regrets amplify in my soul,
As the past gets closer,
Running isn’t working anymore,
Rounding the bend, I come to a clearing,
It’s time to stop running.
It’s a strange feeling not running anymore,
I can see the past barrelling towards me,
All the mistakes I’ve been running from,
All the regrets that have littered my soul,
All blending together to try and bury me,
Standing tall, I plant my feet, ready to fight.
The past swirls around my head,
Screaming at me, howling their worst,
The overwhelming power almost destroys me,
My soul is being torn to shreds,
I can’t take much more of this onslaught.
There is a light coming from beyond the clearing,
Deep in the far side of the woods,
It’s the future coming towards me,
Helping to repel the darkness of the past,
I feel myself getting stronger,
The light is giving me strength,
The light is letting me fight back,
Taking hold of its source,
I pull myself up from the ground and dust myself off,
Planting my feet, I stare at my past,
“Give me all you’ve got!”
The darkness howls, beating me back,
I hold my ground pushing with all my might,
My future is coming, the light of my life is here,
The crippling depression is writhing,
But it shall not win this night,
The light surrounds my body,
Engulfing it in its warmth,
The love of life returning,
The darkness recedes fading with the past.
The fight is never over,
The darkness never gives in,
Holding on to the light is the only way to win,
It’s an endless struggle,
The demons of the past are loud and harsh,
I will never stop fighting as long as the light is still shining.
Let the past go, leave it behind you,
It will always be there,
Nothing can change that,
Learn from your mistakes,
Don’t let the regrets overwhelm you,
The darkness is waiting to eat you and tear you in two,
Hold the light of what’s to come close,
It will guide you through the woods,
Don’t let it get out of reach,
That way only leads to despair,
Hold on to the light,
Hold it tight,
Let it light your path,
And the past won’t be able to crush you,
Keep fighting.
The future is still to come.

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