Ice Eyes

by Harry

Submitted by   Pasithea AnimaLibera


I look into your eyes for warmth
but all I see is a piece of drifting ice.

I control myself trying not to lose my mind
but darling holding you is my vice.

So here I am showing you pieces of me hoping you realize
but you show me there’s no forever just melting ice.

Hearts change quickly melting with cries
but your words are loneliness’ smoldering device.

Keeping love alive in November’s rain is nice
but it’s my heart that’s paying your hurtful price.

We’ve been through a lot of pain because of lies
so lets not beat each other with blame’s vise.

Lovers stay or walk away after many tries
but misery for company is a big sacrifice.

You say am insane so are you my cold paradise,
I won’t walk away as long as you need my advice.

I can’t bury myself with you in maybe for tries
but you don’t love me yet you roll the dice.

Everybody needs time so they pay the price
but you fear one way roads are imprecise.

Blame is misery’s companion on ice
We both don’t want that, reality is no exercise.

November rain reminds me of you my vice
I need you for closure just as you need me for advice.

This poem was inspired by Guns N’ Roses November Rain

Inspired by:

November Rain by Guns n Roses:


One Comment to “Ice Eyes”

  1. I know a few ladies like that. Pure ice.

    Well written.

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