Poem of the Day – Dry Skies

by paturnerlee

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Dry Skies


Blades running deep cut in hillsides

Curving visceral combinations of time

Checking in unison with passion.

Ears of corn

Born to remember

Because it is simple; you can.


Flash a light in the eyes of a running rabbit

Reflecting the lost moments

The passing thoughts.


Drifting out to sea

On a carefully crafted paper raft.

Water lapping around dampening spirits

Chilling wind biting at frozen dreams


Crushed tins rattling in a jar

Brushing cauldrons of oil rags burning

Competing with clouds and rainfall

How we wish the spell had been broken.


Getting to go in crushed velvet sequins

Leaving the suit for the moment


That’s what the tinder box is saying

A message of regret

That life needs tending

The story is set




February 14th 2018

Patrick Turner-Lee Copyright

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