The language of love

by Megha's World


Speak with the language of love.

The language of love
needs no words, no script
it flows from my heart to yours 
with no gates or doors;
I can feel the vibe in the air
I can feel the love
in my veins
as it flows;

my love knows no bounds
it’s floating in the air
in your arms right away;
love is divine
it needs no idol to worship
we pray and sin 
to the gods etched in our souls;
my fingers entwine and
our lips are locked
the story is engraved 
in our souls;
it creates a poem 
every day
it bleeds and screams
but it 
frees us from shackles 
my soul reaches 
gets the deliverance
we were born to reach 
it renders it pure;
Love put the mortal fears to bed
slays demons you raised
it baptizes you once more.

Love needs no words, no script
it flows from my heart to yours
it fills us with the 
warmth of my soul
pouring to yours;
we are interlocked 
in our gaze
beauty takes a new form
hidden for so long
saving ourselves from the bruises 
you still manage to find my
soul trapped in yours;
loves brings order
to this chaotic world
as my heart sync up to yours;
loves weaves beauty 
in the burlap of life
gives you the sheen
warmth and shine;
melody of the mortal souls 
muted for so long
needs to be played 
with its own symphony 
it adores;
Language of love 
needs no words
no script
it has its own rules
only a lover knows.

Photo by Mayur Gala on Unsplash


6 Comments to “The language of love”

  1. A nice love poem! Makes me feel warm and cozy 😊

  2. Love Rumi too. “The guest house” is my favourite of his…stunning.

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