A Reason to Live…

by cmapillay
Painting by Me
WhatsApp Image 2017-10-25 at 2.57.28 PM
Clear your mind, your heart istrying to tell you something
                                   – Anonymous

I don’t do any favors on myself anymore
For they are lacking the gratefulness, i adore
I am shocked to see they have strength of their own
The heart that was once mine, now out I have been thrown
Although there was a sign of relief in his embrace
But my silence got him lost in a maze
It’s not that i have given up on my life yet
But I am becoming the reason for all denials and regrets.
It wasn’t possible to love and still being able to hate
I had to pay you the respect for your loyalty, my mate
I am begging not to drop any more favours at my gate
I have some duty towards my wishes too, before it’s too late…
Oh lord my loyalty has been noticed
My prayers have been answered
Donot make me a culprit in my own eyes
So my dear heart, Stop regretting the past
Loyalty had played mind game with us
Go on mislead me and give me a reason to live in this vast…

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