Those Unfulfilled Wishes…

by cmapillay

A Painting by Me

WhatsApp Image 2017-08-21 at 12.57.32 PM

“It isn’t hard at all to make a wish. The difficultly lies in how to make what you wish for a reality.”
                                                          – Catherine Pulsifer

Waiting all my life,

those moments have passed by,

Where thousands of wishes…

…have been left to die

Although this life has played several roles

There are quite a few that have loopholes

Searched for happiness and figured out the destiny

In the process, pain outgrew, what an irony,

It’s my generosity I don’t call out for you anymore

How do I relate to you if you are not even my cure

I know you are the one who shuts those doors

Go away, I don’t even need your coffin anymore

So now, burry me without a shroud, because

There are no more complaints to be spoken out loud

I have learnt from my reflection

Everyone here needs a companion

My loneliness is not self centered

To make a decision without your agreement

Leaving a few wishes for the world I am yet to see

That meeting will be as significant as it could be

It hadn’t been easy but it is hopeful for sure

You did make a difference, It cant be just the emotions

There has to be a reason why we met at his door…


6 Comments to “Those Unfulfilled Wishes…”

  1. This is intensely beautiful! Well done! 👌🏻

  2. This is replete with feelings. Nice.

  3. Love ur poem. it will be good to correct the typos in the line- So now, burry me without a shroud, beacuse

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