My shoulders rise like small boulders

by Harry

Submitted by jillianprendergast

My shoulders rise like small boulders
Above the hot bathwater
I watch the swirls of soap
Reaching through the ripples
For signs
Above my navel
Breathing in , forgetting to release

These days collect and anticipation builds
Of what?
The small crease between my eyes pulses with a faint worry of things come before
And all of the things that will fill the days ahead
I feel lately that I am on the edge of knowing a vast secret
That it whispers to me in swirls and in my dreams I grasp it
Trout themes

There are folds we fall into and come through together but different
I sit eating cashews and drinking out of this mug
“It’s a Pendleton” you say.
The rain drips and the sky sags
The garbage collects and the cigarette drags
The yellow rose crisps
In that dark and waxy bar
And the lyrics pour from somewhere familiar and very far

I sit playing musics and streaming my patterns into webs


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