Shades of Love

by cmapillay

Image from Seema Pillay


“Love – a feeling caught on Fire, initially a flame later a desire” – Me

Sometimes it threatens to take my life, Sometime it pretends to be my soul;

Alright! It read me way too clear, now I have surrendered to it as a whole.


It’s about bravely following your dream; it’s about living each day with Joy;

It teaches to be the responsible one; however it also gives the power to destroy.


Sometimes it creates an illusion of peace; sometimes it begins a war within;

Some say grab it as much u can, while some proudly call it – the art of giving.


Sometime it teaches to seize the moment, sometimes you have to let it go;

Sometimes you may feel you lost it forever; though it would have stayed and you may never know.


When it grows, it gives some peace; it gives some joy and leaves some pain;

When it burns, it leaves some ashes; makes few marks, and nothing to gain.


It’s a flower of life, easy to believe, challenging to conquer, difficult to retain;

The place you dwell is the heart you conquered only when you swallow the pain.


It is a feeling caught on Fire, initially a flame later a desire;

It will last until you desire, burning you later in flames of fire….

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