Stray Cats on Porch

by Alanna

IMG_0037They come in the night

Wild-eyed, wary belonging to no one

caught in the netherworld

of feral and domestic

Perhaps they were dumped

unwanted by their owners

too lazy to be responsible

Then they chose us

sensing beneath layers of wariness

that we could be trusted


They wait on the porch

for the food, ample

In return we have gratitude

for them keeping the rodents at bay

and for just their wild presence


We will never know the sweet softness of their fur

Nor the lull of their purrs

But we can save them, these homeless cats

And give them place

It’s something we can do

It’s something we can do


For the story behind the poem go to

artwork by the author



3 Comments to “Stray Cats on Porch”

  1. I’m not a cat lover but loved your poem.

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