by Harry

Submitted by Frederick Calovich


When I was younger on a Saturday night,
I’d sit at the bar and watch all the girls,
Especially the girls in tight blue jeans,
Their mama’s sure gave them wonderful genes.

As I got older it wasn’t fun anymore,
Sitting on those hard stools made my butt sore.
The crowd had begun to change wearing backward caps,
And they wanted to listen to something called rap.

Now I sit home with my wife by my side,
Knowing my hearing and brain haven’t died,
From listening to bass played way to loud,
Causing a vibration in the whole damn crowd.

So bring back the classics, folk and country too,
And how about some Motown and even some blues.
Bring back favorites you can sing and dance to,
Then sit back and remember you may be older,
But your still COOL.


  1. I loved this! It captures so much. The musical references make it all the more resounding. Are there songs you would recommend?

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