by Megha's World


His chubby looks
and a heart
brimming with love
he wants to share
his treats with
anyone he could

Feeling lost and dejected
always last to be
picked in the
this time he wanted
to make sure
that he would be seen

He sure could not be the
prettiest of the boy
but he hides a heart
full of beauty and coy

He wants to get that
space on the school swing
for once he too wants
his heart to rejoice and sing

He looks and says
“I have the same hands, fingers”
then why I’m left out?”
being picked
and singled

Everytime he gets
pushed on the playground
that leaves a dent
in his heart, so profound

Though he could solve all
the puzzle in the
math book,
he figured
being treated like that
always leaves
him bewildered.

Photo by Chinh Le Duc on Unsplash

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