Judgement Day

by Nick Anthony

When He came down from the heavens above,
We welcomed Him, arms wide open with love.
We showered our God with adoration
And eagerly sought His revelation.

Prostrated before His magnificence
In an attempted rite of recompense
Under the golden throne of creation,
We prayed for everlasting salvation,

But beneath elated expectations
A seed of fear for the implications
Of His coming grew from a dark hearts’ place:
To whom would He impart his holy grace?

“I have come to you from my seat on high,”
His voice echoing clear throughout the sky,
“To reside in my temple you have made,
And bid you come within the palisade.

“Rejoice and be merry! The day has come
When the god you have worshipped with the drum,
Spear, missile, and gun, from the dawn of time
Reveals the folly of all your ‘crimes.’

“You, who preach peace atop mountains of arms,
Who preach love while using deceptive charms
To bless the knife that stabs thy neighbors back
And turn a cold shoulder to those who lack.

“Oh, my sweet innocents, why do you cry?
From such atrocities, you cannot hide.
It’s me to whom you’ve devotedly prayed
Hark, look at the temple of Death you’ve made!

“It was I who made you ‘in His image,’
Yet you exceeded my best hopes and wishes.
My children, My loves, come meet your maker!
You’re loving Father, the undertaker.”

Criticism welcome! Thanks for reading.

Check out more of Nick’s writing at Rafiki’s Nikki


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