The Last Journey

by Harry

Submitted by seema


I don’t care where I lived, how I lived, when I lived, with whom I lived

The last journey to the moon, I want to be with you

I want to hold your hands, I want to kiss your cheeks,

All I want to say and hear is, I do I do I do…

I want to gaze at the stars with you,

From a place, where there is nothing else to be seen,

I want to whisper in their ears and tell,

What a journey it has been.

I want to peep in the dark and call the fireflies

I want no other lights around me

All I want to see, is your gleaming eyes

All I wish, is your aura around me….



2 Comments to “The Last Journey”

  1. I know as a poet to let the poetry do its own heavy lifting, but I also know there’s more to the story that led to this wonderful poem. Might you find a space to tell it?

  2. Thank you for the indepth understanding Rusty. There are more lines to the poem which did not get published, not sure why. Please feel free to check the complete poem at

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