by Harry

Submitted by Frederick Calovich


Snow capped mountains and bright blue skies,
A cool wind blowing, eagle soaring high,
Stories are told every time the wind sighs,
Oh heloo to some and to tohers goodbye.

The mountains hold mystreies way up high,
O people who tried and people who died,
Wanting to find a new way of life,
No matter the cost, no matter the strife.

There were those who came seeking fortune and fame,
Some are remembered some have noo name,
But they all had decided it was worth the cost,
So they moved through the mountains hoping not to get lost.

There were families, beggars and even thieves,
All hoping for a new beginning beneath the yellow leaves,
So they all put their hope on tales that been told,
That there was plenty of land and plenty of gold.

And away they went with their hopes and their dreams,
To find their fortune among the beautiful streams,
Some would find what their hearts desired,
Some would just die and some get tired.

But because of them all who gave it a try,
Towns were settled under that beautiful blue sky,
And they all lived beneath the mountains shadow,
And a state was born called Colorado.


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