Poem of the day – Back in Broken Directions

by paturnerlee

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Back in Broken Directions


Tackle a Jack of all trades

Dismayed at a junction without lines

Where a car can crash on instruction.


One eye working on behalf of another

No big deal just a function

An alternative to reality


Bullied internal questions crushed

Must be the weather, or the pressure from blowing

Showing a weakness

Unable to hide

Sat beside the discursive equation

With qualified chieftains waiving the creeping illusions

Repelled by building ships into seaside bunkers.


Levelled by a sand shifting crane;

Driven down to hold up buildings

Of glass that you can throw stones in.

Bold and best left to chance

The bargain basement

For Sale

A bereavement


January 24th 2018

Patrick Turner-Lee Copyright

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