Red ( A poem)

by Harry


As you drip through my fingers
like a naked truth
and I hide you,
behind all the shameful veils
like a proverbial truth
you exist
and flows in my veins;

you carry the life inside
while the giants boasts of mortality;
you are a sign of courage in the war
adorning a victory scar
turning into a grandiose reality;
A sign of new beginnings
for a blushing bride
a sign of novelty;
You give the reason
for celebrations
with the harvest reaped
so grandly;
you are always
a sign of prosperity;
you are a sign of pubescence
with the nod
opens up the door,
to the new realms
for the little girl
turning into a woman
oh! so gently;
defines the beauty of the
shaping its effervescent beauty;
assign the royalty
to the royals
with every thread
in the tapestry;
a salutation by the setting sun
spreading the love
hinting the passion
in those blushed cheeks
you define love radiantly;
You, the color “red”
is the mighty color
in all the spectrum
I believe.


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