Poem of the Day – Placed in Dank Surroundings

by paturnerlee

Paintings now at



Placed in Dank Surroundings


Clammy, champions of built up bodies

Rippling drips of saliva from pursed lips

Dips into dust to dry the wounds

One must presume that they enjoy it

Every part rubbed with grease to hold limb to soldiers pride.


Barmy bristles blowing in the wind

Trusting shaved questions

Never even given a mention

About the troubles

All those bumped and bruised in the carvings that are now dust

Leave the makers to rust

Just a bacon burger wrecked belly belching

Squelching in the mud;

The Aviary bereft of birds

All taken to the wing

Singing for freedom

Looking for worms




January 11th 2018

Patrick Turner-Lee Copyright



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